Whoa what a year!

Well 2020 hasn't gone the way that any of us planned i'm sure. 

We responded quickly to the pandemic - setting up virtual classrooms for an authentic face-to-face training setup worthy of the real thing. 

What's going on?

If you're holding out for the real deal and want to get your hands dirty with on-site training in Bali then fear not the wait is nearly over. 

Bali is re-opening its doors to international tourism on the 11th September!

We are thrilled with this and as a result our next face-to-face course begins on the 3rd October!

We will share all details when we get them regarding how this re-opening will look. We expect to have social distancing in place and the use of masks and temperature checks.

Need additional reassurance?

Still feeling a bit shaky about booking your place?

rest assured - if you book onto any 2020 course and have ANY problem at all then we will happily switch you over to ANY other course date that suits you better.

Don't say we don't love you.

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