Destination TEFL / TESOL

140 hour TEFL / TESOL Qualification


3 weeks Virtual training & 2 weeks in-country orientation and a min of 10 hours Teacher Pracs in

Bali, Indonesia or Siem Reap, Cambodia

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This is NOT just an online course.

It is done in real time, live, face-to-face through Zoom.

3 weeks virtual training 

in the comfort of your own home

120 Hour

Internationally recognised


Teach anywhere around the world including online and earn a great income.

Two weeks in country orientation and teacher practicums

140 hour  Internationally accredited TEFL certificate & PLACEMENT assistance

You'll walk away with...

1     140 hour Internationally Accredited TEFL / TESOL Qualification

2     Real teaching pracs in Indonesian / Cambodian schools and NGOs

3     Teaching placement assistance in SEAsia

**min eligibility criteria will apply

Course details

What will I learn on the TEFL / TESOL course?

The following areas/subjects are covered during your (3 weeks virtual and 2 weeks practicals) TEFL / TESOL training at Destination TEFL / TESOL:

  • An introduction to South East Asian culture 

  • Teaching techniques

  • Teaching the four skills of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing

  • Planning a course for special purposes (such as for a business)

  • Grammar - brushing up yours as a teacher, and techniques to teach grammar

  • Phonics

  • Creating materials for lessons

  • Lesson planning

  • Suitable activities for the language classroom 

  • Discipline in the classroom

  • Building rapport with your students, including warmers and coolers in the classroom.

  • Classroom management, covering all aspects

  • Teaching one-to-one, as well as larger classes

  • Teaching vocabulary

  • Understanding problems for Asian learners (understanding the differences between their language and English) as well as for other key languages, such as Spanish and Russian.

  • Error correction techniques

  • Preparing your CV/resumé, and tips for the interview process

  • Teaching business English

  • Teaching Online

  • Teaching practices and assignments

  • You will have the opportunity to conduct several full lessons (teacher practices). 

  • Materials project


There is no final examination that determines your pass grade. Your final course result is determined by the combined marks of the assignments above, as well as on your participation and teamwork in class, attendance and behaviour.



About Bali

Bali is a world famous island in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is known for its immense surf scene, gorgeous rice paddies and its yoga culture.


About Cambodia

Cambodia – a land where ancient and modern worlds collide to create a unique destination.


The best bit...

This is all at your convenience!


1 - Pick the online course start date

2 - pass the virtual class

3 - Pick ANY available 2 week slot for your teacher practice!

Virtual class dates


Saturday 20th June - 

Friday 10th July


Saturday 18th July - 

Friday 7th August

Teacher Practice in


140 Hour

Virtual online course


US $1160

Teacher Practice in


140 Hour

Virtual online course



US $1425

Accommodation during the TEFL / TESOL course

We have sourced great accommodation options at reduced rates for our trainees, all within walking distance to the training centre and the beach. Some are charged per person and some per room. A detailed list of accommodation will be provided in our emailed info pack. 

Payment methods and terms:
A 50% deposit is required to secure your place on the course. The balance is due on day one of the course.
Details on payment methods will be provided on booking. 
Deposits and payments are not refundable or transferable. If you cannot attend the course date reserved, you may move your reservation to another date, subject to availability, provided that 30 days' prior notice is given.


No refunds are provided to students who do not pass the course. We do our utmost to assist our trainees if they are struggling in a particular area.

Should a student be unable to complete a course due to illness, injury or any reason we deem valid, they may complete by joining the next course, or any future course, subject to availability, and at our discretion, but no refunds will be granted. If the trainers feel the student has missed too much of the course due to sickness or other reasons, it is at their discretion to inform the student that they need to defer to another course (so much work is covered in a day that missing 2 to 3 days can have a huge impact). If a student misses 2 days or more (whether consecutive or not) a doctor's note MUST be provided.
A Teacher's Code of Conduct agreement is signed by all trainees on day one, pertaining to behaviour while on the course.