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  Key Information  


Stunning beaches and hidden caves, wonderful wildlife, stunning rice fields and impressive arts are just a small fraction of this amazing sights that you’ll encounter in the beautiful nation of Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth most populated nations on Earth so there are plenty of opportunities to teach English to aspiring students.


High-quality and reliable English Language instruction has been available for a long time in Indonesia. Teaching English in Indonesia will usually mean working with students of all ages, from young children to adults. Indonesia is a great place to start your new adventure.


Visa Information


For you to get a residential visa and your schools to get the green light for you to work, there are a handful of acronymed permits that need to be approved including the KITAS, the RPTKA, the IMTA, and the Telex Visa. 

But those aren't for you to worry about. Teachers need only apply for their initial visa which we are going to bundle into the term KITAS. 


So what visa should I come to Indonesia on?


You have a few options,


Tourist Visa 30

If you know you are going to come to Indonesia for up to 30 days only then you can get a free Tourist Visa 30 but you must remember that you cannot extend this visa.



Visa On Arrival (VOA)

However we strongly recommend that you at least get the second option the Visa On Arrival (VOA) which is valid for 30 days and can be extended for a further 30 days.


Passport which must be valid 6 months from entry date, return flight ticket.

How much is the fee? 35 USD (payable at the Visa counter at the airport), extension is 35 USD

During those 60 days, you'll have ideally found a school to sponsor your KITAS. When you do, the process will go just like we described above.

Because the KITAS visa for teachers in Indonesia can take up to 5 weeks to process, sometimes a school will have you apply for a temporary business visa so that you can work and stay in the country while your KITAS is processing.

Major Pro Tip 

When entering into Indonesia on a tourist visa, Immigration might ask to see your "exit ticket" or "return flight". The excuse of "I'm planning to stay in Indonesia and look for a job" will not go over well, so you need a diversion. 

For $8.99, Best Onward Ticket provides you an onward ticket which is real and valid for as long as 48 hours. So now you have a ticket to say you're flying out of Indonesia and the immigration officers are satisfied to let you in. 


Job Information


To get a job


We will be able to offer job guidance and be able to get you job interviews in Indonesia. We work with you on your CV and interview prep. We are so confident with our skills that we can guarantee you a job position If you are eligible. To be eligible you’ll need the following.



Indonesia wants to ensure the quality of teachers in Indonesia, currently if you want to teach English in Indonesia, you need two qualifications as a minimum.


TEFL Certification

To be eligible to teach in Indonesia you need to ensure that you have a TEFL certificate. Our 140 hour face-to-face certificate is very desirable to employees.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is very important to have if you plan to teach in Indonesia. The government have been strict recently on making sure that international teachers are educated to a high level, and bachelor’s degree is evidence of this. You’re probably wondering what degree you’ll need..  but don’t worry, a bachelor’s degree in any subject will suffice. Just make sure that you can get your hands on the original.


Passport holders

To be able to teach in Indonesia, you will need to have a passport from either:

The United Kingdom,

The United States,



South Africa,


Or New Zealand.


There is a lot of debate on the internet about whether you need to be a “native English” speaker” to be able to teach English as a foreign language. However, as the term “native” is ambiguous most countries have settled this debate by requiring one of these passports. There are some exceptions to this rule, but mostly, you will need one of these passports.


Clear criminal background check

You will also need to be able to provide a clear criminal background check in order to work as a teacher in Indonesia. You do not need this until you get a job but we VERY HIGHLY recommend getting one before you leave your country as it will be quicker. We will send you details of how to apply in your welcome pack.


International School

Native English Speaker: Required

Bachelor’s Degree: Required

Masters' Degree or Teaching Degree: Required or alternatively, have a Bachelor's plus 5+ years teaching experience

TEFL Certificate, CELTA degree or equivalent: 

Candidates must be citizens from one of the following nations in order to be issued a visa from the Indonesian government: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

KITAS: Required (What the hell is a KITAS? See next section)

Background Check: Depends on the School

Health Check: Required from your home country (drug free, HIV free)

Age: Up to 59 years old

Language School

Native English Speaker: Required

Bachelor’s Degree: Required

Master’s Degree: Flexible but highly recommended.

TEFL Certificate, CELTA degree or equivalent: Required

KITAS: Required

Candidates must be citizens from one of the following nations in order to be issued a visa from the Indonesian government: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Background Check: Depends on the school

Health Check: Required from your home country (drug free, HIV free)

Age: Up to 59 years old

Documents Required to Apply for your KITAS when you get a job

  • Letter of invitation

  • Visa application form

  • Your passport that is valid for at least 18 months

  • The letter from your sponsor company or school

  • 2 passport sized photos

  • Copies of your qualifications

  • Transcripts from your University- and have them notarized 

  • Clean medical check

  • Possibly a background check (depending on your school)

  • Fees

​This process can take up to 5 weeks or less, depending on the efficiency of the embassy.

Study in Bali - Teach elsewhere!


If you have, or are thinking of going for one of our packages with employment opportunities in Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam then we will send you details of visa information with your information pack.


Visa information is easier for these options due to the fact that you'll be going to these countries with just work in mind. 


Getting here


Located in the Java Sea, Bali is an approximately 4 hour flight from Australia's west coast and only a 10 hour flight from London. Getting to Bali is convenient and affordable thanks to a fantastic range of flights offered by trusted airlines like Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Garuda Indonesia.

Turkish airlines and other budget airlines are available which has made getting to Bali very affordable from all corners of the planet. After arriving into Denpasar airport there will be a line of cheap taxis waiting to take you anywhere you like. We recommend taking a walk and coming to check out Destination TEFL Bali before your first day so that you're comfortable getting here. (You can even begin scoping out your favourite local lunch spot!)


Getting around

Learn the best way to get around – safely!

Roads are extremely small around Bali therefore the quickest and best way to get your freedom is by scooter. It’s much cheaper than getting a driver or a taxi! Normal daily rent is around 50,000 Indonesian rupiah, so don’t be tricked – bargain if you must! Your safety is very important to us so please always always always wear a helmet! It might feel great to have the wind in your hair but be safe! If you have never ridden a scooter before then ask your rental guy to give you a quick lesson then you’re free to go wherever you like! Get off the main roads and drive around the remote country roads for phenomenal sights and smells as you take in the lush Bali landscapes!


Food, glorious food!

Bali, like a lot of Asia, has the most diverse and culutraly driven food on the planet. There are lots of goreng or fried dishes ready to tantelise your tastebuds! The best part? It’s so cheap! There is everything from nasi (rice) goreng, mie (noodles ) goreng, ayam (chicken) goreng, and to pisang (banana) goreng. On a detox? The tropical fruits here are the juiciest and most delicious you’ll ever try. Local warungs will make not only your belly full but the prices will keep your wallet full too!


Making friends!


The single best part of this whole journey you’re about to partake in is the friends you will make along the way. Bali is waiting to welcome you will new precious friendships and connections. This ranges from the hotel owner to the people you’ll meet when you find your favourite lunch spot to the other students on the course with you. This experience is life changing and as a result your friends on your course become your extended family. You’ll also have spare time to go on adventours where you’ll meet even more people. Book a hike to Mount Batur, or go on a raft down a river gorge, or check out a more spiritual experience visiting some of the most incredible temples in the world. Test yourself by learning a little local language and watch how the locals are attracted to you.


Money, money and more money!


Congratulations you’re now a millionaire. Welcome to the Indonesian Rupiah kingdom. But sorry don’t get excited, you can be a millionaire in Bali for as little as $70. Bali is a heavily cash based island but debit and credit cards are accepted in most places and ATMs are literally only ever a stones throw away! Try to use ATMs which are connected to banks for extra security.


1 meal ($1-$7USD)

1 beer ($2-$5). Bintang and Bali Hai are the cheapest.

1 night at a backpacker hostel ($7-$14)

1 cheap mode of transport for inner-city travel ($3.5-$7)

1 hygiene/medical essential (at a local shop) ($2 – $7)

1 affordable experience (e.g. average entry to visit a temple) (1$ – $10)




Balinese economy is almost entirely based on tourism. This makes it a very safe place to travel. Local people are very welcoming and warm. However, the common sense rules do apply here! If you are out and about with a bag, keep an eye on it and don’t leave it somewhere unprotected. If you carry a wallet leave it in your pocket. Although they are unlikely and very infrequent you don’t want to be a victim of a scam. There are few crimes on the island but it pays to be sensible. Bali is a safe destination for solo travelers but again, common sense safety applies. When you are on a scooter always wear your helmet and be extra careful when driving. Locals drive confidently and roads can get busy, especially in the towns around rush-hour.   


Where to go



Head here for a dreamy surf and magical sunset on the beach. Some pretty cool spots like Pretty Poison, which is a bar/skate park, and Old Man’s are also in the area – the perfect mix of nature and fiesta for all tastes and needs. Canggu is only 20 minutes’ drive from Seminyak on the same coastline.



If you are looking for a few drinks, avoid Kuta (way too overrated and busy) and head to Seminyak instead. Located only 30 minutes’ drive from Bali International Airport depending on traffic, it’s the perfect initiation for your journey in Bali. Some of the best bars on the island are here. Indulge on some good beats and mojitos, but in moderation!

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Located on the central Balinese highlands, Ubud is the cultural and spiritual heart of the island. Home to golden temples, monkey forests and infinity pools overlooking the lush jungle, it’s an ideal spot to relax and dive deeper into timeless local traditions. Love yoga? This is the place to check out!


Surf, cliffs and rock bars. Uluwatu is on the tipping point of the southern Bukit peninsula, and is a prime wave spotting location. The sunsets from here are pretty magical and the parties are few but cool.



If you like off-the-beaten-track adventures, North Bali is the place to go. On the East coast, visit the fishing village of Amed (the snorkeling is gold here). Same as Pemutaran on the North-west coast. The road leading to those shores hides waterfalls and jungle treks, so do stop and have a ball in the tropical wilderness.