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 TEFL / TESOL in South East Asia!

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You’ve taken the first step in an adventure that will change your life, as well as those of others!

Teaching English as a foreign language is a rewarding experience, and a fulfilling way to discover other destinations and cultures.


Studying and working abroad is also a great achievement that you can proudly list on your CV/resumé. We have options for both degree and non-degree holders.



Between the directors and our trainers, we have 50-plus years’ of experience in the TEFL and training business. All members of the Destination TEFL team have lived abroad – so they know what a daunting prospect it can be to take the plunge and start your TEFL adventure. You are in good hands…what’s your next destination going to be?



Destination TEFL is proud to be working with...

Destination TEFL offers TEFL/TESOL courses in academic collaboration with Asian College of Teachers (ACT), Asia’s largest teacher training body with 30,000 alumni and 600 schools associations across Asia.


About the Course

The following areas/subjects are covered during your 4 weeks of TEFL / TESOL training at Destination TEFL / TESOL Bali:

Exclusive opportunity with Destination TEFL


·       You will have the opportunity to conduct several full lessons (teacher practices). These are observed by a trainer, and detailed and constructive feedback is given to you after each lesson, to help you improve for your next lesson, and your career to follow.


Online Virtual Course

120 hour TEFL / TESOL Qualification

3 Week Virtual TEFL Training

This is NOT just an online course.

It is done in real time, live, face-to-face through Zoom.


Hybrid Course

140 hour TEFL / TESOL Qualification


3 weeks Virtual training & 2 weeks in-country orientation and a min of 10 hours Teacher Pracs in

Bali, Indonesia or Siem Reap, Cambodia

This is NOT just an online course.

It is done in real time, live, face-to-face through Zoom.


Bali Courses

All of our On-Site Courses offer the same 140 hour high quality face to face training with real teaching practices in real schools. We have extremely highly qualified instructors with years of experience. There is no better way to prepare yourself for working abroad Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Bali Dates

Our On-Site Courses run for 140 hours and 30 days. We usually start on a Saturday and have final graduation on the last Wednesday.

We advise arriving in Bali a day or so before the course date. After the course has finished and depending on what "job placement" option you have chosen we will guide you into an interview and to a job in your chosen country.


Bali Information

Bali is a world famous island in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is known for its immense surf scene, gorgeous rice paddies and its yoga culture. Local hospitality and culture makes a warm and comforting experience whilst feeling relaxed and safe.



What is the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

The terms basically mean the same, with TEFL more common in the UK, and TESOL more common in America. There is a slight technical difference since TESOL refers to learners whose first language is not English, although they may speak English in their daily lives. TEFL refers to 'foreign' students, learning English as a foreign language. These students do not use English regularly and therefore have different usage and comprehension problems. The course covers both aspects.



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