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            B211 e-Visa Prices:


B211 e-Visa - 
Regular        3,200,000idr
B211 e-Visa - Express.       3,500,000idr
B211 e-Visa - VIP                4,500,000idr


B211 e-Visa - Regular        3,200,000idr B211 e-Visa - Express.       3,500,000idr B211 e-Visa - VIP                4,500,000idr

Apply for a B211 Offshore Visa today, come next week!

            B211 e-Visa Prices (USD):


B211 e-Visa - 
Regular        $225 USD
B211 e-Visa - Express.       $245 USD
B211 e-Visa - VIP                $312 USD


B211 e-Visa - Regular        $225 USD
B211 e-Visa - Express.       $245 USD
B211 e-Visa - VIP                $312 USD


Our main services are focussed on Visa setups and legal entity setups with other supporting services

Visa Application

Due to the pandemic, visa-free travel to Indonesia has been temporarily suspended, and the issuance of tourist visas has also been discontinued. But we can help with obtaining an electronic business visa B211 index (without visiting the embassy), with which you can fly to Indonesia.

The cost of a visa depends on the timing of its production:

1) Production time in 3-5 working days 3,500,000IDR ($245USD) per person

(Price includes $50 immigration fee)

2) Production time in 10-14 working days 3,200,000IDR ($225USD) per person

(Price includes $50 immigration fee)

This visa allows you to stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days with the possibility of extension within the country (maximum 4 extensions In total,) with a B211 visa, you can stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 6 months. 


No need for 'visa runs' to neighboring countries. All renewals take place on site.


You can enter Indonesia at any time convenient for you, but no later than 90 days after the issuance of your visa.

To apply for a visa, you only need a copy of your passport (valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Indonesia).

You may be asked for additional documents:

- Insurance policy (with Covid-19 coverage);

- A return air ticket. (it is not necessary to buy an expensive ticket - all you need is an onward ticket which could be as little as $20 - Tickets can be bought here;

- PCR-test in English, made no more than 48 hours before entering Indonesia 


A visa is issued only after receiving an advanced payment. The timing and cost of the visa may change according to the innovations of the Indonesian government. The information provided on the website is correct as of June 10, 2021.

to the country

Preparing to leave. 

Your checklist:


- Air tickets (round trip or to a third country);


- Negative PCR test (done no more than 48 hours before entry). The addresses of laboratories in your city can be found at this link. It is better to pay for an express test, it is usually ready the next day;

- Download and fill out the form in the application / on the e-Hac website. You can download the application using the links below:



Quarantine Upon arrival

Upon arrival in Indonesia, you will need to undergo quarantine

(5 nights 6 days) in one of the hotels in Jakarta. 


The list of hotels is published by the government of Indonesia, it may change from time to time. You can book a hotel directly on their website.


Many hotels offer quarantine packages, which include three meals a day, 2 PCR tests, airport transfers, and laundry.

If the test results are negative, you will be given a Clearance Letter and can be sent to your final destination.

When applying for a visa through us, you will receive a nice bonus - a complete list of hotels for quarantine in Jakarta with prices and contacts!

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Our Services

Visa Applications 

A variety of visa options are available depending on your need and length of stay.


A limited stay visa which is available to foreigners carrying out activities related to a profession.

Business Setup

Legal registration of businesses. Pt and PTA companies as well as local and foreign ownership options. 

Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival is usually valid for short durations like a holiday. Currently closed.